What Do I Need to Know About the Body Shops?

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First of all you need to realize that what you might consider is minor damage could very well turn out to be a major expense. So do not be surprised when you are looking for your estimate for your car that you find out it is a lot more than what you thought. That does not mean that the auto body shops are trying to rip you off this is the way it is. Many people do not understand the costs involved in repairing something that they feel is minor.

Another thing you need to be aware of this is that many insurance companies have designated auto body shops to do the work. You must remember that these shops are beholding to the insurance company as opposed to you. The insurance company is their actual client so these are the ones that they are going to satisfy. If you are not quite happy in the repair or there are delays and you been trying to get a hold of them there is really not much you can do. You are going to have to lay all of your complaints to the insurance company that hired them in the first place.

Now where you have to deal with the auto body shops and it comes to the parts replacements you may not get exactly what you think you are getting. So those beautiful hubcaps that came with your new car might not be the ones that are going to be replaced if the originals were damaged in the accident.

The other thing you want to know is how good are they at staying on schedule. If you are a one car owner obviously you are going to be lost without your vehicle and most likely you are not going to have a replacement unless it is part of your insurance package. So if the shop is telling you that they can have it ready for you in three days that great, but if you go back in three days and they tell you they need another five then obviously you are going to be a bit frustrated.

There are very few shops that have loaner cars out there and these really are beneficial when you compare the cost of a rental nowadays and not all insurance policies cover this unless you pay for it in your premium.

When you are picking a shop, you ideally want one that is familiar with foreign cars if that is what you are taking in for repair. If you take it to a shop that is not familiar with it then you can probably imagine that there is going to be a lot of delays and perhaps work not done to your expectations.

When it comes to the warranty the insurance companies warranty really does not mean a whole lot. It is the auto body shops warranty that you want to be entrusted to because they are the ones that did the work they are the ones that should stand behind it.